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Haynes Engl.

Oldtimer Museen

Haynes International Motor Museum

It all started in 1954 when John H.Haynes bought, as a young Boy aged 16, an old and unlicensed Austin Seven and built his 750 Special out of this Austin. He documented every move of this build and rebuild in Word and drawings. In 1956, he published a 44-page booklet titled "Building a 750 Special." He advertised in a car magazine and sold 250 of these manuals. Since then, Haynes sold over 200 million of his important and very detailed repair manuals, from several carmades the HAYNES MANUAL. In July 1989, he opened his museum in SPARKFORD. The museum opened with 29 classic cars and to date has grown to over 400 exceptional vehicles. All the vehicles on display are still being driven. The vehicles are presented and moved at events and various classic car events. At the entrance of the museum begins the exhibition of the beginning of the development of the first cars and then divides into different sections. Worth seeing is the RED Room, where there are only red vintage cars. In the outdoor area there is also a play and picnic area for families with children.
At the museum you will also find the Café, named 750, where visitors can relax with coffee, snacks, and refreshments. You will find the museum near the town of Sparkford not far from Yeovil’s.. And during the summer season, the museum is open every day from 10am to 5:30pm. I can highly recommend a visit to this wonderful classic car museum.

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