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Known since 1972 as the Nationals Motor Museum, the Montagu Motor Museum is located in Beaulieu in Hampshire.

A collection of classic cars unique in the world. from legendary Formula 1 racing cars to movie cars like the famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the vehicle is based on Ford components completed with a front of a Bugatti and the boat tail of a Rolls - Royce) from the eponymous film of 1968. The oldest car is from 1875. The collection includes over 280 special classic cars. The museum also offers visitors special insights into engine technology and of course not to forget, the whole property is a huge event area.
Visitors can ride around the site in a monorail. It gives them an interesting overview from above during the ride. The gatekeeper's house of Beaulieu Abbey has been home to the Montagu family since 1538. The Beaulieu Palace mansion, built in the 13th century, was originally part of Beaulieu Abbey. Special exhibitions and events are always celebrated on the grounds. There has already been a replica of the BBC's TOP Gear studio there on the grounds.

A special highlight are the spring and autum car jumble. At more than 2000 sales booths classic car hobbyists and enthusiasts can find everything their heart desires. In 2002 a few friends got all the parts they needed to build an Austin 7 there and assembled the car. In 2003, a couple of hobbyists also assembled parts from the Auto-Jumble into a Ford T model and set off from Beaulieu on a tour through England.

I have been to Beaulieu several times and have also visited the incredibly large Auto-Jumble. Beaulieu and the Auto-Jumble are a must for every classic and Youngtimer fan.
sincerely Barry Redhead

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