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Motoring Museum

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In the southwest of England, in Bourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire, GL54 2BY, you will find the small but nice Cotswold Motoring Museum . Vintage cars, old motorcycles and other historic items from the car world can be found here paired with small toy - car models and other nice exhibits. Even a Sinclair C5 (a battery-powered one-man/one-woman) vehicle can be found here. In the small village where the Motor Museum is located, you can also find the village itself in miniature. The village in miniature, in that they also find the village itself again a tad smaller, in miniature. So, a miniature in miniature in this small idyllic village. All worth seeing. Across the street from the museum, you will find small tasteful stores and a coffee/tea room on the lawn with tables and benches where you can enjoy brownies, tea, coffee and other pastries. I hope you visit this village. It is worth it.
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